RV Dealers Convention / Expo

Paris, Las Vegas – November 5 – 9, 2018

Stop by our booth for a HIGH-FIVE and learn how we generate stock # specific requests that arrive with complete credit reports… No SSN Required, No DOB and No Credit Score Impact, directly from your existing dealership website.  Attract qualified buyers by exceeding  their expectations and  get your eyes on full (NON AUTO ENHANCED) FICO score credit bureaus early in the sales process.  TAKE ADVANTAGE of our “no strings” $99 show special PLUS if you can make TWO free throws on the Expo Floor, your dealership keeps the show pricing until March, 2019!

Natalya N. Mashkovtseva
Director, Dealer Operations

Scott Krausman
Managing Partner

If you prefer a  “NO PITCH ZONE” education on Soft Inquiry Full Credit Bureau Technology, The RVDA has invited our Managing Partner, Scott Krausman, to enlighten, entertain and explain!   Since he will be talking credit here, the session “NO SCORE IMPACT” is in the “F&I Track.” The content however, delivers practical uses for customer acquisition, qualifying/closing live prospects and getting more ROI from your existing advertising campaigns.